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Solar PV and Solar Thermal Solutions from The Energy Centre

Solar Energy and Heating Options

The Energy Centre provides two different solar solutions: Solar Thermal and Solar PV (Photovoltaic).

The Difference Between Solar Thermal and Solar PV

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How Solar PV Works

Solar PV panels are attached to your roof or within your garden where they are installed to connect with your domestic supply via an invertor. This is used to power your home appliances and with battery option it can store power until needed. All other power will be supplied via the ESB grid, likewise any surplus power will be supplied back to the ESB grid.

About Solar PV

How Solar Thermal Works

Solar Thermal collectors are attached to your roof where they are installed to connect with your hot water system. The panels are filled with a mixture of  water and anti freeze which is heated by the solar energy. This in turn is used to control the temperature of the hot water with your domestic boiler.

About Solar Thermal
Picture of Solar Panels

Solar Panels Solutions from The Energy Centre

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