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Company Overview

Find out who we are, what we do and what we look like.

We are Ireland's leading installers of Domestic Energy Saving Solutions.

We believe solar energy is the future. Fossil fuels will not last forever, so we need to look towards renewable energy sources as a more sustainable method of heating our hot water. We install an average of 1500 systems per year. We use the highest quality solar panels and tubes from Europe's leading manufacturers. 

Our mission statement is, "To help reduce your ever increasing energy costs".

Meet Our Team

To help reduce your ever increasing energy costs; this is our mission statement and meet our staff to achieve it.

  • Tracey Lynch Referral Administrator

  • Rose Bird Grant Administrator

  • Tanya Byrne Appointments Manager

  • Robert Lynch / Tracey Lynch Managing Directors

  • Ian Lawlor Accounts Manager

  • Karla Anderson Customer Service